Premium Computer Cubicles Available from Davies Office, Inc.

Computer CubiclesIn the modern world of business, computer cubicles are integral to almost any organization. At Davies Office, we pride ourselves on offering a truly immense selection of cubicles from many of the world’s most well respected furniture manufacturers. We carry products from brands like Haworth, HON, Geiger, Knoll Studio, and Allsteel, enabling you to choose from an inventory of the very best products on the market. What’s more, since we offer computer cubicles in new, remanufactured, and used conditions, we’re sure to have the right products to suit almost any budget.

If you’re determined to purchase the very best office furniture available but don’t want to strain your overhead budget, the remanufactured computer cubicles we offer are an excellent value. When we remanufacture a cubicle, we begin with a used cubicle from one of the same world-class manufacturers as our new brands and strip away all of its worn or dated parts until we’re left with its basic framework. We then build upon that frame with all-new parts, completely restoring and reupholstering the cubicle until it is visually and functionally indistinguishable from new.

In fact, our remanufactured computer cubicles provide a number of benefits over their newer counterparts, including that they:

  • Are made sustainably and are thus environmentally friendly furniture solutions
  • Cost 45 to 75 percent less than new cubicles that are similar in terms of function and appearance
  • Can be customized with any number of additional features in order to help them meet your company’s needs
  • And more

To learn more about our selection of computer cubicles, or to place an order for your company, contact Davies Office today. Don’t forget to mention our banking and product exchange programs, which can help you save even more on your purchase.