Haworth Premise Cubicles Offered by Davies Office, Inc.

Haworth Premise cubiclesDavies Office, Inc. is proud to offer Haworth Premise cubicles, a series of new cubicle workstations from Haworth, one of the top office furniture manufacturers in the nation. The Haworth Premise line was developed to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern workplace, and as a result these workstations offer an unparalleled level of flexibility.

Haworth Premise cubicles offer a wide variety of optional and standard features, including:

  • Ergonomic options such as tackable surfaces, built-in grommets, and locking storage as standard.
  • Universal connectors and standardized parts to ensure that Premise workstations can be reconfigured at a moment’s notice for maximum versatility.
  • Fully customizable panels, featuring a wide variety of heights, sizes, and finishing materials, including wood, fabric, laminates, and both glazed and translucent glass.
  • More than 30 available work surface shapes to make sure that your office’s writing surfaces can be arranged however you need them to be.

At Davies Office, we specialize in office furniture remanufacturing, but we also offer the latest new products from top manufacturers like Haworth, Allsteel, Steelcase, Herman Miller, and HON in order to better serve the needs of our customers. Since our founding in 1948, we have been driven to provide our customers with only the best in new, remanufactured, and used office furniture, like our selection of top-notch computer workbench options.

To learn more about Haworth Premise cubicles or panel systems, call or email us today. Also, remember to ask about our banking and product exchange programs that can help lessen the financial burden of buying large amounts of office furniture.