Remanufactured Office Cubicles Available for Businesses in the United States and Canada

Remanufactured Office CubiclesRemanufactured office cubicles are ideal for organizations that are looking to purchase workstations that are as good as new without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for these refurbished solutions, turn to Davies Office, Inc. We’ve been providing premium remanufactured cubicles to businesses throughout North America since 1948, and our decades of hard work have helped us grow into the largest independent office furniture remanufacturer in the United States.

At Davies, all of our remanufactured office cubicles are assembled by veteran professionals at our cutting-edge facility. We begin with a used cubicle sourced from a top brand like Haworth, Knoll, or Steelcase, and strip it down to its basic structure. From there, we build on that structure with all-new parts, creating a cubicle that is visually and functionally indistinguishable from its newer counterparts. However, we firmly believe that these furniture options have a number of advantages over new cubicles, including:

  • Price – Our remanufactured cubicles cost 45 to 75 percent less than similar-looking new cubicles.
  • Customizability – Since we rebuild a significant part of the cubicle, we can customize each one with whatever features your business requires.
  • Environmental friendliness – Our remanufacturing process is completely sustainable thanks to the fact that we recycle all removed parts and use only low-VOC adhesives, water-based paints, and other eco-friendly materials.

To learn more about the remanufactured office cubicles that we create, contact Davies Office today. When you get in touch with us, remember to ask us about our banking and product exchange programs, which can help you save even more on your purchase.