Added Value

Create real value from existing assets.

Before you consider making an investment in new workspace products, let Davies help you make the most of your old ones.

Davies’ innovative value-creation programs are designed to support the entire furniture ownership lifecycle—ensuring that you make the most of your assets, whether in use or idle. It’s how we ensure smooth, seamless transactions, predictable and excellent service and reduced total costs.

Banking and product exchange

Put your old or unused furniture to work for you. Davies’ unique product banking and product exchange programs help you reduce the price of redesigning your workspace by earning real value for your existing assets. And you’ll feel better knowing that your idle furniture won’t end up in a landfill. Read about Davies Office Product and Banking Program


What to do with surplus inventory? Let Davies Office save you money the environmentally responsible way by re-deploying or liquidating it. We have brokers on staff who buy and sell pre-owned office furniture from companies and dealers across the country—and can help transform excess inventory into real value for your company.


Everyone needs to rent furniture occasionally. Whether it’s for a meeting, new hire or temporary staffing, Davies offers a large inventory of new and pre-owned workspace products to choose from—from desk sets and cubicles to modular furniture—all for short- or long-term rental, or rental with an option to buy.

Read our Bank of America case study and learn how our unique combination of value-added services earned us a nationwide service contract.