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Take Charge During COVID-19

As organizations research the best ways to help employees return to the office, Davies is here to help. Our talented team has spent months digging in and learning as much as we can on what will define “back to office” and promote office wellness.

We’re ready to partner with you in designing the very best solutions for your specific office space and unique needs in safe COVID-19 office furniture.

Davies Solutions: Promoting Social Distancing in Workstations

Creating physical and perceived boundaries will provide more social distance between employees, but they are by no means 100% effective. Nevertheless, they do play a role in helping people feel more comfortable and safe as they come back to work. Consider the following solutions for your office space.

COVID-19 office layouts

COVID-19 Office Layouts

Make basic adjustments to spacing and orientation to promote social distancing between workstations.

Quick Set-up Temporary Rooms

These easy to assemble temporary spaces are the ideal solution for triage, medical use, shelters and much more.

COVID-19 office layout options

Workstation dividers

Provide division of space with screens and dividers, protecting employees.

materials for making office furniture safer during covid-19

Safe furniture materials

Use materials that will last, are easy to clean, and keep employees safe.

office of the future after coronavirus

Bring employees safely back to the office

Davies can assist you with COVID-19 office layout considerations and solutions for privacy and distancing to help minimize the spread of germs and to keep employees healthy. We have decades of experience dealing with multiple OEM product lines and the production facility to come up with unique solutions to modify products and create the best solutions for your specific needs.

No One-Size-Fits-All Solution

What furniture modifications can help people feel safe upon return to the physical office space?

According to the CDC’s social distancing guidelines, employees need to remain 6 feet apart in the workplace or wear a cloth mask when unable to do so. But how do we create distance and barriers necessary for employees to feel safe and continue to promote a sense of belonging and connectedness?

What will the office of the future look like after the coronavirus?

new COVID-19 office furniture layout

Present & Future (shown: Davies up-mount glass on Steelcase Answer)

office layout of the past before COVID-19


Davies is focused on the long term. We can help you take your business safely into the next phase of office design. Some things to think about as you construct the office of the future after the coronavirus:

  • De-densification of current workspace
  • Surface materials that can withstand harsh chemical cleaners and disinfectants
  • Taller dividers and panels to divide individual spaces
  • Touchless technology
  • Better signage for paths of travel and flow
  • Visual cues for maintaining 6-foot distance
  • Evaluation of conference rooms and collaboration areas


Davies can assist you with COVID-19 office layout considerations and solutions for privacy and distancing to help minimize the spread of germs to keep employees healthy.

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