COVID-19 Office Workstation Dividers

Davies offers a variety of screen and divider solutions, including pinch mount add-ups, three-sided benching surrounds, glass add-ups, track mounts, clamp mounts, free-standing and benching dividers, and free-standing and sit-stand surrounds.

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Pinch Mount Add-Ups

Clear | Frosted | Laminate

Davies stocks secure anchoring systems for most industry-leading OEM panel systems.

Knoll Morrison

Knoll Morrisson dividers

COVID-19–Solution Office Benching

covid-19 safe office benching systems

Herman Miller Ethospace

Herman Miller Ethospaace dividers

Steelcase Avenir

Steelcase Avenir workstation dividers

3-Sided Benching Surrounds

Laminate & Glass

Davies offers solutions for open-plan benching layouts.

Open-plan benching after Davies

open-plan COVID-19 benching systems after Davies(Surrounds at 24” height)

Open-plan benching before Davies

open plan benching before Davies Office

Glass Add-Ups

Glass on Glass | Clear | Frosted

Davies glass add-ups are noninvasive, with low labor costs. Additionally, glass is an easy-to-sanitize material that makes it ideal for COVID-19 office workstation divider add-ups.

After: In-place stack-on dividers

after Davies COVID-19 office Knoll dividers

Before Davies: Knoll dividers

office layout of the past before COVID-19

Track-Mount, Frameless Glass Add-Ups

Clear & Frosted

Davies’ COVID-19 office workstation divider add-ups also come in track mounts, with radius corners, gasketed base tracks, and glass lock mechanisms.

track mount COVID 19 office workstation dividers

Free-Standing & Benching Dividers

Clear | Frosted | Laminate

work bench divider for COVID-19
workstation benches for COVID-19 office

Clamp Mount

clamp mount dividers for office spaces

Free-Standing Sit-Stand Surrounds

Davies’ free-standing sit-stand surrounds have a total height of 65 inches, with 29-inch-high surfaces, a 1 1/2-inch radius on outside corners, and wire management cutouts. The acrylic desktop surround itself is 36 inches in height and 1/4-inch thick and is secured with a 90-degree rigid connection. Davies suggests that you encourage employees to wear face coverings while standing and/or facing co-workers.

freestanding sit-stand surrounds for COVID-19 workstations


Davies can help you find the right COVID-19 office workstation dividers for your business, as well as assist with safer office layouts and other solutions for privacy and distancing.

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