Safe Office Furniture Materials for COVID-19

You need easy-to-sanitize office furniture during COVID-19. Get the facts about which materials are right for your business.

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Why materials matter

As we consider modifications or replacements of office furniture, we must take into account materials’ longevity and ability to be cleaned so that people can stay safe from the coronavirus. The best examples include glass, coated materials, and antimicrobial laminates.

According to The New England Journal of Medicine, “the virus can live on surfaces for days at a time, and it can float for three hours in the air.” Additionally, “the new coronavirus can also last up to three days on plastic and stainless steel … porous fabrics for 24 hours.” Offices will need to implement increased cleaning routines as part of their back-to-office rollout.

easy to sanitize office furniture covid-19

Easy-to-sanitize office furniture for COVID-19

The new requirements call for furniture materials that are easy to sanitize. But some materials require special cleaners or else they can fade or be damaged.

safe office furniture materials for COVID-19

Glass office materials are best

Glass is extremely easy to clean and also adheres to LEED “daylight and views” in office spaces. (Left: Davies frosted glass add-up)

Why Davies recommends glass workstation dividers

Glass workstation dividers

  • A nonporous material that makes disinfecting easy so your workplace stays safer
  • Food-grade safe after sanitizing
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Naturally chemical-resistant — stands up to even harsh cleansers
  • Cleans with bleach, hospital-grade, or standard cleansers
  • Preferred by hospitals, meeting 10:1 water-to-bleach cleansing standard
  • Withstands even the most rigorous daily cleansing routines
  • Has 3X less bacteria than translucent polymers after cleaning
  • Premium grade, can last your office a lifetime
  • Class A fire rating

Translucent polymers

  • A porous material that’s hard to disinfect, making it a poor cough/sneeze barrier
  • Contracts and harbors bacteria
  • Scratches easily
  • Not chemical resistant — even nail polish remover can cause cracks
  • Requires special cleansers or risks brittleness and breakage
  • Not recommended for hospitals, as it doesn’t meet cleansing standards
  • Yellows, clouds, and breaks down over time with cleaning
  • Retains 3X more bacteria than glass after cleaning
  • Cheaper quality, will need to be replaced


If you’re looking for the safest office furniture materials for COVID-19 and beyond, Davies can help. We offer socially distanced office design, workstation dividers, and more.

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