Better than new: remanufactured.

At Davies Office, remanufactured furniture is our specialty. High-quality, name-brand furniture that has been completely disassembled, inspected, repaired and reassembled to like-new condition. Only better. Davies remanufactures office furniture from major product lines including:

Greater Choice

Remanufacturing lets you start with the workstations of your choosing, and have them remade to your exact configuration specifications and finish preferences.

Greater Savings

Remanufacturing provides the same quality as new furniture—rebuilt to the original standard—at a savings of 45% to 75%.

Greater Good

Remanufacturing also conserves energy, reduces pollution and eases the burden on landfills.

Read the US Assure case study and see how remanufacturing generated six-figure savings for this national insurance company.