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Office Furniture Products

From famous brands like Herman Miller® to trusted brands like Steelcase®, Davies offers a comprehensive portfolio of name brand furniture in all the right options to create an inspired, connected, and sustainable workspace. Select from a variety of customized, remanufactured, new, and pre-owned furniture options that work together to create a productive and positive environment for your business.

Office Cubicle Workstation

Cubicles & Workstations

Boost productivity and worker satisfaction while reducing your carbon footprint with remanufactured office cubicles and workstations. Select from modular, call center, and custom business cubicles with a multitude of partition options and upgrades. No matter your needs, our selection will allow you to find the best fit for your workstation.

Remanufactured Office Cubicles

Remanufactured office desks

Desks & Tables

Our various makes and models are constructed with only eco-friendly materials, and can be customized to fit the design, size, and functionality of your office workspace. With Davies Office desks and tables you can create integral components of your employee’s workstations while enjoying like-new quality at a fraction of the cost.

Remanufactured Desks

Office Chairs

Seating & Chairs

Whether you’re looking for cushioned leather, ergonomic lumbar support, or adjustable settings, Davies Office works with you to reduce your final cost. Rebuilt using green techniques and materials, our designs offer functionality, look, and comfort that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Remanufactured Office Chairs

Office Storage

Office Storage

Choose from vertical and lateral files, multiple storage options, wood construction, and more from Davies Office’s extensive selection of office storage. Optimized with state-of-the-art technology, our office storage options can also be made to meet your executive office needs.

Remanufactured Office Storage

Remanufactured custom office furniture

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Founded in 1948, the people at Davies Office know the importance of a positive work environment; it’s why we founded our company in the first place. Our professionals work hard to craft quality office furniture products that will last. Throw in the added benefits of remanufactured furniture, and suddenly possibilities arise that just weren’t there before.

Got a pattern or design you love and can’t bear to part with? We can match it with our vast custom fabric capabilities. Check out Davies Office refurbishing options for customizable selections that work for you.

Davies Office Capabilities

Providing flexible office furniture options

Most people want to know how to create a sustainable workspace that brings people together to be more productive. This boosts employee satisfaction and your bottom line. Whether working individually or together, a stifling office environment can slow progress and lower general morale. That’s why flexible office design and furniture options are instrumental in creating an energetic work environment.

Customized Furniture

You provide the vision; we provide the solution —whether it involves ergonomic tools, alternative cable management, desktop power, you name it. With our enormous inventory of as-is components, and our design and engineering services, we can customize the perfect sustainable solution for your office workspace.

Remanufactured Furniture

We provide high-quality, name-brand furniture that has been completely disassembled, inspected, repaired and reassembled to like-new condition. Our remanufacturing process lets you start with the workstations of your choosing, and have them remade to your exact configuration specifications and finish preferences.

New Furniture

Through our partnerships with the leading manufacturers, Davies Office can offer quick lead times, deep discounts and a large selection of products—everything from executive and conference furniture, to seating and storage, to workstations, ergonomic tools and more.

Pre-owned Furniture

Gently pre-owned furniture is a great way to stay within a limited budget, and still buy quality that endures. Davies has a huge inventory of as-is products that we have approved for resale that are both functionally and aesthetically in exceptional condition.

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