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Organize and improve any workstation with sustainable storage solutions from Davies Office.

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Remanufactured Office Storage Furniture for Any Workspace

remanufactured office storage
Organization is a key factor in any business; like a well-oiled machine, organization provides businesses with the ability to perform multiple daily functions with ease. Business owners also know that breakdowns in organization can be the achilles heal to any operation. Important documents can be misplaced, files can start to clutter work areas, and daily operations can suffer from to paper overload. Some businesses have tried to switch to digital record-keeping to keep their information in order, but information can still be misplaced — or without proper cybersecurity, exposed in a data breach.

When order turns to chaos, turn to Davies Office. We offer the latest models in office storage furniture from the most trusted manufacturers to keep your data in order and your business running smoothly. Find all the information you need, when you need it, with our sustainable remanufactured office storage furniture options.

Vertical and Lateral Filing Systems

Different workspaces require different office storage options, and certain options are better than others. Select from vertical or lateral file options to make the most of your office environment by creating effective, streamlined data storage.

Multiple Models to Choose From

Accentuate your space with the perfect addition. Choose from our expansive inventory of compact credenzas, multiple drawer models, or tower style remanufactured office storage furniture and make the most of your storage options.

Variety of Material Alternatives

Work with your current décor. Davies offers a multitude of material options and finishes to match your unique look — from elegant wood construction for an executive look, to strong steel for improved security, we provide sustainable finishing options that match your current furnishings.

Save with Remanufactured or Re-Used Filing Cabinets

Brand New Look, Durable Feel

Choice matters; that’s why Davies Office offers mix-and-match plans that allow you to choose the best option for your workspace. It’s how our inventory of artisanal remanufactured filing cabinets are available at half the price of other items, with a look that’s brand new. Select from remanufactured, pre-owned, remanufactured, and new to compare and save on filing cabinets and office storage furniture for your business.

At Davies Office, our office storage furniture saves you more than just money. As the nation’s largest independent furniture remanufacturer, our products are assembled using green and sustainable practices that have been proven to reduce negative pollutants and keep office furniture out of the landfill. Our products are built with durability in mind, reuse core components, and are designed with end-of-life in mind.

Davies Office Remanufacturing Warehouse

Remanufactured vs. Used Office Furniture

The process of selling used office furniture involves taking a second-hand product and selling it in as-is condition. However, Davies’ remanufactured office furniture is created from worn or non-functional products and brought back to like-new or even better-than-new condition, with a lifetime warranty. This means that every element of the piece of furniture is updated, given fresh fabrics, and fitted with new technology.

Maximize your office storage

Take advantage of unique and sustainable storage solutions from Davies Office.

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