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Boost Office Productivity With Office Design & Interior Space Planning

Office space designs are linked to profits. It’s true. Getting work done in a cluttered environment can be hard to manage for employees, and an outdated office layout can leave workers unfocused and unproductive. Office design and interior space planning is an ever-evolving field, with new research constantly pouring out. This can make it difficult for businesses to keep up with the latest trends, especially when dealing with an excess of outdated assets.

At Davies Office, our in-house design team knows how to satisfy and fulfill your office’s functional needs while making the most of your space and office furniture. Our premium office design & interior space planning services allow you to update, refresh, and renovate your workspace while optimizing workflow with products from Herman MillerĀ® and SteelcaseĀ®.

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Be Involved In The Process

For projects that require extensive research and innovation, Davies Office can bring any vision to life. Utilizing the best in design, our team uses Auto CAD and CAP Studio to render color-coded illustrations that will help you envision limitless possibilities. We can work directly with your architects and designers to incorporate any of our products into your new workplace environment. We offer a wide selection of finishes, workstation layouts, and customizable options to make your workspace truly work for you. Click here to read about our design process. Click Here to view our lookbook of past projects.

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Design A Sustainable Workspace

Davies Office is equipped with a vast array of processes & capabilities to customize your workspace to any specifications. Choose from environmentally friendly water-based paints, extensive fabric-matching capacities, or technological upgrades to raise your business to the next level. In addition to supporting cost-effective strategies, we also place importance on environmental sustainability — offering solutions that are easy on the environment, and your budget.

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Modernizing For A Dynamic Work Environment

Relocating your home base is hard work, especially when rebranding. When CommerceHub decided it was time for a complete office overhaul, Davies Office was there to help them find cost-effective and cutting-edge options to create an imaginative and impressive workspace that both attracted new recruits and increased productivity.

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Have a different project in mind? Davies Office is at your service. Many clients also take advantage of money saving strategies like our sustainable exchange banking services, and our asset management and allocation. Check out our services page to learn about our extensive project options.

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