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Office seating options to fit your needs

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Seating is the top of the list when it comes to office furniture priorities. At most offices, the average employee can sit up to eight hours a day. Without the proper ergonomic solutions, the amount of time spent sitting can contribute to a variety of negative health effects, such as chronic neck and back pain, that hurt your workers as well as their performance.


We offer ergonomic office seating options that provide support for the body’s pressure points and align the joints into their neutral axis, potentially reducing health-related expenses and preventing workers’ comp claims.


Our comfortable chair options can correct poor posture and keep workers attentive and alert. Improve workplace utility with our reupholstering options.


Whether you’re looking for conference chairs with comfortable plush leather seat bottoms, adjustable heights, or added lumbar support, you’re sure to find what you need among our extensive product offerings.

Office seating customized to your tastes

At Davies Office, our office chairs & seating options can be built to accommodate or satisfy any office environment or workspace. With our innovative processes and capabilities, we can match fabric or textiles to effectively incorporate your existing pattern into any workspace composition.

Choose green furniture options, like remanufactured office chairs and pre-owned seating, to help save the environment. Our products have been proven to reduce harmful pollutants and eliminate excessive solid waste in landfills. Our sustainable office furniture solutions can also be an effective tool for your business, allowing you to earn potential credits that can qualify your business for a LEED-certification.

If you need help settling into your renovated office, our team of office furniture experts can help. With services such as office space planning, delivery & installation, and our furniture exchange banking, we can customize any office workspace to increase office efficiency and utility.

Get ready to save

Save 35-75% on your bottom line with Davies remanufactured office furniture.

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