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Make the most of your office workspace with Davies Office

Make the Most of  Your Workspace with Remanufactured Knoll® Cubicles & Furniture

The planet, your staff, and your bottom line all benefit when you decide to remanufacture, retrofit, repair, or recycle used Knoll® office furniture & cubicles. Furnish a smarter workspace by choosing used Knoll® office furniture & cubicles for high-quality furniture with minimal environmental impact.

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Remanufactured Knoll® Office Furniture

Knoll® office furniture is known throughout the office furniture industry for its premium products designed with both large and small businesses in mind. Founded in 1938, Knoll® has long been dedicated to creating elegant and functional furniture, utilizing numerous world-class designers like Eero Saarinen and Marcel Breuer among many others.

Centered on collaborative work surfaces like benching systems, Knoll® office furniture collections are great for any company looking to pursue a more open office plan or create team meeting spaces. Remanufactured Knoll® cubicles are also great for creating individual workstations. They can be grouped together in a spine-based panel system to encourage interpersonal communication, or set up individually as storage-based architectural solutions to promote individual concentration and productivity.

Remanufactured Knoll® Workstations

Knoll® workstations have long held an elite reputation in the world of office furniture, and growing companies are turning to this brand of workstations more and more for their functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Knoll® office furniture defines the modern, cutting-edge workspace design that up-and-coming businesses seek, all while providing a versatile and space-saving solution for companies of all sizes.

Superior Quality: Remanufactured Knoll® Workstations

When you opt for remanufactured Knoll® products from Davies Office, you can select from a wide variety of colors and materials as well as additional add-ons and ergonomic features to best suit your workspace’s particular look and needs. Some of the refurbished Knoll® workstations we offer include:

  • Call center workstations
  • Corner workstations
  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Computer workstations
  • Custom workstations
  • L-shaped workstations
  • U-shaped workstations
  • Modular workstations
  • And many more
remanufactured knoll office furniture

Do You Want to Outfit Your Workspace with Knoll® Remanufactured Furniture?

We’re proud to provide Knoll® products at a price you can afford. Our inventory boasts a variety of Knoll® workstations that are available in new, used, and remanufactured conditions. And as the largest independent furniture remanufacturer in the nation, we are particularly proud of the remanufactured Knoll® pieces we custom-create for businesses all over the United States and Canada.

remanufacture knoll cubicles

Do You Need to Refresh Your Workspace?

If you’re searching for used Knoll® cubicles, look no further than the selection from Davies Office. Knoll® is an office furniture manufacturer with an international reputation for creating eye-catching workstations that offer an unmatched level of performance and durability. Therefore, used Knoll® cubicles are an excellent investment for your business, as they will look and function as if they were fresh off the assembly line, but are available at a fraction of the cost.

Remanufactured Knoll® Cubicles for Businesses

Knoll® cubicles are an excellent investment for your business, as they will look and function as if they were fresh off the assembly line, but are available at a fraction of the cost. At Davies Office, we offer a wide variety of office cubicles, such as:

  • Modular cubicles
  • Call center cubicles
  • Custom cubicles
  • Computer cubicles
  • Corner cubicles
  • And many more

Create Sustainable Workspaces with
Remanufactured Knoll® Office Furniture

We expertly remanufacture existing Knoll® workstations by stripping them down to their core, recycling any material we can, and then processing the core components by repairing, repainting, and reupholstering them with the highest quality materials available. Not only are these products extremely cost-efficient, but they can also help you reduce waste and lessen your business’s environmental impact. In fact, these workstations can help you achieve LEED certification from the United States Green Building Council.

Remanufacture and upgrade your office workspace with Knoll® office furniture at Davies Office. Remanufactured and re-used Knoll® furniture for the office is built to modify and accentuate the existing space. With products lines such as Dividends Horizon and Morrison, you can take full advantage of your office workspace potential.

Knoll® Dividends

Knoll Dividends
Improve focus and work performance with the powerful flexibility of Knoll® Dividends Horizon. Devised to modernize any workplace, Knoll® Dividends Horizon works to create dynamic and multi-purposed workstations that can be molded depending on your spacing options. Create privacy and space without impacting communication or collaboration with screens and glass partitions that provide lightweight and practical solutions.

Outfit your office to aid employees in concentration while maintaining an open space for creativity and collaboration. You can choose to blend Knoll® Dividends Horizon panels, office storage options, and tables & desks to find the layout that works best for your business needs.

Take advantage of turnkey solutions like our workspace and office design services, or contact us to talk to a member today.

Knoll® Morrison

Knoll Morrison
For fast-paced work and high demand, turn to Knoll® Morrison for a practical solution to outfit your entire business or facility. For decades companies have turned to Knoll® Morrison workspaces for high-quality and effective solutions that they can trust. The strength of Knoll® Morrison comes from its ability to seamlessly integrate with a variety of workspace configurations, including both older and newer models, to save you on time and cost.

Designed to accommodate the needs of many different workplace environments, from open plan office to modular-based plans, Knoll® Morrison workspaces provide you with the ability to adapt to change.

If you have Knoll Morrison workstations that you no longer need, contact us first so we can talk about your options.  If all else fails, here are some helpful disassembly instructions on how you can break the panels down and recycle them instead of disposing of them:  Knoll Morrison Disassembly Instructions

Find re-used Knoll® furniture for your office

Select from Knoll® cubicles, Knoll® file cabinets, and more from our massive inventory.

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