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Hot Desking: The Ideal Office Furniture Solution
For Modern Businesses

If your employees are constantly on the go, co-working spaces may help your company cut costs and save you a considerable amount of space. Hot desking is a space optimization strategy that has become a go-to option for businesses looking to maximize their effective use of space. A relatively recent trend in office organization, co-working spaces are most useful in offices where employees work different shifts or are constantly in and out of the office.

Modernize Your Workspace With The Latest Hot Desking Solutions

Since 1948, we have helped companies all over the nation create office designs that best suit their particular needs. Our top-notch inventory boasts desking solutions from a number of industry leading brands, including Herman Miller®, Allsteel®, and Steelcase®, so you can trust that you are getting only the highest quality products that will last for years to come.

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What is Hot Desking?

A hot desks scheme is any which involves assigning several workers to a single workstation, or “hot desk,” with different employees using the station during different shifts. This eliminates the need for additional furniture, and is useful for collaborative and creative activities.

Benefits of Co-Working Spaces

This tactic is useful in workplaces where employees are on the move, since hot desking helps eliminate wasted office space by reducing the amount of vacant workstations. In fact, taking advantage of space-sharing strategies can save significant amounts of money through space savings.

Hot Desking Business Solutions Available from Davies Office

In addition to being incredibly cost-effective and a great way to bolster company-wide relationships, space-sharing provides an enormous amount of flexibility in the workplace. More and more companies are turning to the modern approach of giving employees the option to work from home or move from location to location, and as a result less furniture is needed on a regular basis.

Davies Office is proud to offer one of the largest selections of desking systems on the market. Our products are manufactured by industry-leading brands, such as Steelcase®, Herman Miller®, and Allsteel®, and are available in new, used, and remanufactured conditions. As a result, you are sure to find space-sharing solutions that suit both your company’s office requirements and your budget.

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Save Space & Money With Hot Desking

Co-working space-sharing systems are an incredibly affordable alternative to more traditional office desks. Rather than having to purchase a number of individual furniture systems, co-working spaces enable you to accommodate multiple employees with one piece of equipment. As a result, you can save a significant amount of money for your business when compared to other office furniture options.

Flexible workstation alternatives like benching and open plan offices are a popular choice among hot desking solutions. You can check them out to see if they work for you.

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Improve Employee Cooperation For Businesses On The Go

Another benefit of space-sharing is that it encourages employee collaboration and communication. Whereas more traditional desks can close workers off from each other and result in minimal communication and a heavy reliance on emails. Desking systems encourage a more collective environment that can translate into a higher level of productivity thanks to the free flow of ideas.

However, even if you decide that co-working spaces are the way to go for your company, you’ll still need highly versatile workstations to pull it off effectively.

Enhance Your Workspace With Select Office Furniture Services At Davies Office

If you are looking to make the most of space-sharing solutions with your purchase, consider taking advantage of our unique, turnkey value added services at Davies Office. We offer flexible project solutions like space planning and workspace design, sustainable exchange banking, and asset management to save you money and time.

If you would like to learn more about our selection of hot desking solutions, including trusted brands like Haworth® and Herman Miller®, please call us at (518) 449-2040 or tell us your needs by submitting a form today. We carry many other office furniture items, such as conference furniture, filing cabinets, office chairs, office desks, office tables, and executive furniture. We even have refurbished office chairs and other options as well.

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Modernize your workspace

Create a dynamic workspace with flexible workstations and hot desking solutions from Davies Office today, including remanufactured, pre-owned, and retrofitted office furniture.

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