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Benching Workstations
& Open Plan Office Furniture

If you are looking to improve collaboration and creativity within your work place setting, consider introducing contemporary open plan office furniture systems and benching workstations. Open plan office furniture layouts have been popular for decades, and first surged in prominence around the mid-twentieth century.

A Spacious Feel for Small Spaces

Open plan office furniture can transform any room into a spacious environment, providing you with an open atmosphere to breathe without the clutter of cubicles.

Provide Privacy & Collaboration

If you are looking for quiet concentration, open plan office layouts can be modified with task-focused workstations, giving you the perfect place to work for any task or project.

Streamlined Communication

Get the job done with better communication and improved space mobility, letting you to visit, interact, and collaborate quickly without restrictive borders or divisions.

Make Meetings Simple & Smart

For larger discussions and bigger ideas, open plan furniture can create effective meeting spaces that feature simple design for an easy flow of creativity.

Modify Your Office With Workspace & Open Plan Office Design Services

Make the most of your workspace and open plan office furniture! Save space and discover contemporary design solutions to outfit your office in the latest sustainable models.

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benching open plan office furniture

Do You Need Benching Workstations For Your Open Office?

Perfect for open plan office spaces, benching workstations are a flexible and responsive solution for space maximization. Benching systems allow for easy collaboration and communication between employees, and create an open and airy atmosphere that traditional panel systems cannot match.

Panels and cubicles can make you feel cramped and cluttered, but with benching workstations employees have room to breathe and get work done. Its why many businesses have used benching systems to solve this problem, and why benching workstations have been proven to be a cost-effective and responsive solution for any workspace.

If you’re looking to remanufacture your current benching workstations, buy used benching systems, or update your current office furniture, submit a contact form or call us at (518) 449-2040 to learn more about the various ways Davies Office can help.

Is Open Plan Office Furniture Right For You?

There are many advantages that open plan offices can offer up-and-coming or growing firms or businesses. Open plan office products all work together to create an efficient work environment that offers the following benefits:

  1. Save money. With open plan office furniture systems, you can cut expenses. Decrease excess spending and costs by eliminating the need to purchase panel systems or bother with delivery and installation fees.
  2. Maximize space. Un-clutter and reclaim your space by removing stifling barriers, walls, panels, and dividers. Utilize your space in a smart and concise way to create a better workspace that motivates, inspires, and decreases stress.
  3. Improve workflow. You can design and organize your workspace to easily provide power to any workstation or employee. Take advantage of central hubs and data ports to integrate flexible access anytime, anywhere.
  4. Modify and change. If you are looking to furnish your workspace with a blend of office furniture options, you can easily reconfigure benching workstations or open plan office furniture into any layout or setup for a clean, modern look.
  5. Save time. Improve communication and collaboration between your employees without borders or restrictions. Without the need to modify office space for added employees, open plan offices also make it easy to on-board and teach new members in a stress-free environment.

In addition to offering an impressive selection of benching workstations, Davies Office also provides a number of value-added services to ensure you get the most from your furniture investment. Some of these project management options include office design, the delivery and installation of furniture, banking and product exchange programs, and more.

Transform your workspace with open plan office solutions

If you are looking to furnish a better workspace, you can browse responsive open plan office furniture solutions at Davies Office.

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