Waste Savings Calculator

Calculate the environmental and energy-cost saving of remanufactured furniture.

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Calculate The Environmental Impact of Remanufactured Workstations

Davies Office is committed to providing green solutions at an affordable cost. It’s why we offer numerous solutions for furnishing your workplace, and offer flexible services like space planning and inventory for any workspace or project. Davies Office can also help your company or organization work its way toward LEED Certification for a green workplace environment.

With office furniture remanufacturing you save energy, cut costs, and reduce harm to the environment. Based on factors like daily BTU consumption, waste steam avoidance, raw material conservation, and mitigated carbon emissions, our waste savings calculator can help you make informed decisions. Calculate your savings to see what kind of an impact your organization or company can make with remanufactured office furniture.

Waste Savings Calculator

Calculate the energy and enviromental benefits remanufacturing (average) office workstations:

See how you can increase savings

Tell us your ideas for waste savings with office furniture remanufacturing at Davies Office.

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