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Office Workspace Solutions to Transform Your Space

Everybody needs a workspace. Whether you work from a corporate office or home, we all need a place to call our own. However, not all workspaces are equal. Minor details can have significant effects on productivity, and layout and space planning can make or break the ability to stay focused.

Though we have come a long way from bullpen offices and environmental negligence, such rapid change requires businesses to adapt to new information as studies improve our understanding of how people work. Companies that do this well will continue to attract the best and brightest.

While trends do change fast, purchasing new office furnishings doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. That’s where Davies Office can help. With flexible service options like office space planning and exchange banking, we make the renovating process smooth and easy. Here are some of the current trends in office workspace models and design.

Transform Your Space with Office Workspace Design

No matter the workspace, Davies Office can help you achieve your goals. It’s what we’ve been doing for years, and we’ve got the case studies to prove it. Our customizable furniture solutions can fit any project or need. Find your match or select from brands you know, like Herman Miller®, Steelcase®, and Haworth®, and our experts will work with you to create the workspace of your dreams.

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Open Office Landscape

Improved Communication & Collaboration

A growing trend among modern businesses, open plan designs are popular because of their ability to promote teamwork, collaboration, and communication that generates a constant workflow. This is why workstations like benches are great for providing space for multiple employees. Interested? Look into our open plan designs.

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Conference Rooms

Productive & Focused Meetings

Space design matters during any meeting. Furnish your conference rooms with customizable options to upgrade your workspace. Help employees stay alert, focused, and comfortable with our impressive lineup of ergonomic options from Allsteel®, Herman Miller®, and more. Well designed pieces add value by improving meeting productivity.

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Call Centers

Smart & Effective Design

Looking to improve or modify your business call center? Consider call center cubicles at Davies Office. We offer remanufactured call center furniture that is guaranteed to improve focus and productivity. Equip or modify your call center cubicles with panels, wall partitions, storage options, and more for a steady and streamlined office furniture solution that delivers results.

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Office Workspaces Ideas

Executive Offices

Polished & Intelligent

While sleek, composed, and refined, executive offices often reflect those who occupy them. That’s why Davies Office outfits your office with eye-catching tables, desks, and chairs that work with your budget. Be it solid wood desks, sophisticated bookcases, or elegant credenzas, our sustainable furniture options are suitable for both corporate and home offices.

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Hot-Desking Workspaces

Adaptable & Modern

A hot-desk is a single workstation that multiple employees can use throughout the day. Businesses are turning to hot-desks for the many ways that they can save you both space and money, as well as the positive effects on team communication. This solution works great with open office designs, and can be just what your workspace needs for employees that are always on the go.

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