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We’ve perfected remanufacturing, or at least we’ve gotten pretty close. It’s the reason we’ve helped clients meet their individual needs and goals since 1948. With our sustainable remanufacturing processes and customizable capacities, our team of trained experts and experienced professionals knows how to create the workspace you’re looking for.

Our Processes

Some of the processes we employ at Davies Office every day:

Cutting Technology

Cutting Technology

Have custom-made furniture remanufactured your way. Our manufacturing facility houses our very own state-of-the-art cutting technology, producing precise and high-quality cuts for your workplace furniture every time. Decreasing material and solid waste matters at Davies, and our cutting technologies help us accomplish this goal. We can take any design, plug it into our software, and cut the components out of raw material while minimizing the amount of waste — calculating our cuts to make the most of every resource, every time.

Eco Friendly Office Furniture Process

Paint Capabilities

When it comes to environmental sustainability, liquid paint can present a problem. Many paints, varnishes, and solvents can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can have harmful effects on health and on the environment. With our advanced powder coating technology, Davies Office eliminates waste, and emits close to zero harmful emissions that could have a negative effect on the environment. Our recyclable powder coating can accommodate all shapes and sizes of products, and our process provides equal coverage while decreasing the time to dry that leads to a cost-effective quality and finish.

Office Furniture Textiles

Fabric Capabilities

With our expansive inventory of textiles and fabrics, Davies Office can match or accommodate any of your fabric needs. To prevent unnecessary waste we collect and recycle all excess textiles and fabric through our remanufacturing process, ensuring its continued use in the circular economy.

Did you know that Davies Office offers fabric matching solutions for your workspace or office?
Receive a color or pattern to match your current office furniture, or make the switch to our 100% sustainable fabric solutions.
Office Furniture Technology Upgrades

Technology Upgrades

In the modern world, and especially in business, connectivity is crucial. For a workspace that’s well-designed, well-connected, and functional, Davies Office offers technological upgrades to any office furniture product or brand. Whether its installing energy efficient lighting to office work panels, or installing terminal hubs in your desks or tables, Davies Office can offer you the solution that best works for your business or company.

When it comes to sustainability, these are only some of the many customizable options that Davies Office offers. Many clients take advantage of our flexible solutions and services, saving them potentially millions. Whether you’re looking to update, renovate, or relocate your office, Davies Office can help you save on expenses and meet your unique project goals.

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