Manage your resources more responsibly.

For 50 years, Davies has been at the forefront of the movement toward sustainability. It’s why we were among the first members of the US Green Building Council™, and why we remain the most environmentally-friendly remanufacturer in the country today.

Everything we do—from the products we represent to the services we offer —is intended to make the most of your existing resources while doing the least harm to our planet. (Watch our video on sustainability and learn more about how Davies can be good for your business.)


When you buy remanufactured office furniture, you’re making a smart business decision—purchasing a product of higher quality than new, at a fraction of the price.

And when you buy remanufactured from Davies, you’re also doing the most good for the environment. Our processes are second to none — offering powder coat finishing technology and employing only water-based paints and low VOC adhesives—and we always seek new ways to make our process even more green.

Read the Life Cycle Assessment Case Study conducted by The Center of Excellence in Advanced and Sustainable Manufacturing (COE-ASM) located at the Golisano Institute for Sustainability at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Inventory analysis

Companies can spend millions of dollars storing outdating and unwanted inventory. Davies encourages you to rethink disuse—and turn idle assets into added value.

We offer on-site office furniture inventory audits, re-deployment plans for existing furniture to new projects and assistance in disposing of outdated or unusable product. And when storage space is limited, Davies’ recovery and management services are also available.

Asset recovery and management

As workspace experts, we know how office furniture can best be reutilized. We can save you time, effort and money by tracking your surplus furniture and efficiently matching it with your needs as they change.

Whether you’re expanding, downsizing, relocating or starting new, let Davies help you manage everything from the logistics to the inventory allocations —and make the most of your existing assets.

Read our CSC case study and see how sustainable solutions helped this Fortune 200 company save $250,000—and divert nearly 350,000 lbs. of waste from our landfills.