Designing Out Waste

Last modified: 05/20/2022

There is no waste in nature; resources are recovered and reused. A circular economy is an economic system in which products and processes are designed so materials stay in use and maintain value, minimizing waste and letting natural systems thrive. In a circular economy, waste is eliminated through better design, rather than simply developing novel ways to use waste that has already been created.

With our sustainable remanufacturing processes and customization capabilities, our team of trained experts and experienced professionals know how to create the workspace you’re looking for while doing our part to.

So what is our design process like?

  1. The process starts with an in-depth consultation with one of our expert designers. This conversation will help our designer get a sense of the use of the space, your style and your needs.  Some of the questions often asked are:  How many people will be working in the space?  What are the needs in terms of privacy/collaboration?  What kind of storage and organizational tools would be helpful?  Is there room needed for growth?  What kind of “look” is desired?  These questions help us develop a better understanding of your needs in order to start narrowing down what will and will not work.
  2. Next, we take a look at your space and your current furniture.  We show you a variety of options on how we can 1. utilize and revamp what you currently have and 2. maximize your space based on the physical layout and any challenges that we want to overcome. This phase of space planning can go back and forth a few times before we land on a floor plan that will meet your needs and budget.
  3. The third phase involves establishing the necessary details needed to build the stations.  This is where we get into the nitty-gritty of exactly what colors, heights of frames, components, and tile elevations are to be used.  We present detailed 2-D & 3-D renderings of the stations to show which parts and accessories will achieve the design and how the stations will look within the space.
  4. Lastly, we present all the fabric and finish options.  We’ll look through our current inventory and find all available options for fabrics, as well as surfaces, trim and pedestal finishes will be sent to the customer.  At this point, once finish options start to narrow down, we can then provide detailed renderings, so the customer can see the result before installation even begins.

We offer a variety of products and finishes (Click here to view some of the finishes we offer) to help you create the office of your dreams. Davies offers a comprehensive portfolio of remanufactured name brand furniture to help you create an inspired, connected, and sustainable workspace from every trusted brand; Herman Miller®, Knoll®, Steelcase® and many more. Select from a variety of customized, remanufactured and new furniture options that work together to create a productive and positive environment for your office culture.

During all of our consultations we always take into account a materials longevity and ability to be reused, recycled and remanufactured. We can help you maximize your space and satisfy your functional needs without sacrificing your style. At Davies Office, we help you visualize the possibilities, and our expert design team is highly trained to create innovative workspaces customized to fit your workplace culture and office needs.

Check out our Davies Lookbook  to view some of our past projects!

Give us a call today at 518.449.2040 and create the office space of your dreams.

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