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Last modified: 01/14/2021

Since the global pandemic hit earlier this year, the concept of working from home has been very commonplace in most of our lives. Before 2020, maybe only certain circumstances warranted working from home, but now it is a necessity for your company to stay afloat. What is equally as important as the ability to conduct business from a remote location, is a designated space to do so. When the first stay-at-home orders were issued, you may have panicked and searched the web for quick and cheap solutions, but Davies has the answer for high quality, yet affordable items for your home office.


Davies has partnered with SitOnIt, an award-winning California-based furniture manufacturer specializing in commercial seating, and recently they have expanded their market to other avenues. Davies and SitOnIt have recognized the increased demand for home office furniture, so we have a fast, easy, and attractive solution. By clicking the link, it directs you to the Home Edition products on the SitOnIt website which allows you to customize seating, desks, and other workstation accessories. There is a fixed height or height adjustable desk in a few sizes, two task chairs to choose from, and several different finishes to make it your own.

SOI Tables
LaminateSOI Chairs

Once you configure your new furniture to your preferences and add to your cart, be sure to include the Davies discount code 100316 to ensure you get the discount of 53% off the list price!

A few other great things to note:
• SitOnIt offers free shipping on EVERYTHING to anywhere in the US.
• Their furniture has a 5-year warranty and it is commercial grade so it can withstand long hours of continuous use.
• Easy installation.

Think it’s too good to be true? Try it out for yourself!!!! Call Davies Office for more information or Click Here to start shopping!

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