How Are We Dealing With The Supply Chain?

Last modified: 01/04/2022

Over the past nearly two years of the pandemic, supply-chain bottlenecks have wreaked havoc on manufacturing. For designers, things like material shortages, shipping delays, and COVID-19 spikes in manufacturing locales have left them hard-pressed to get goods to clients on pre-2020 timelines and budgets.

Although the tight supply environment is projected to continue into 2022, Davies Office is proud to announce that our lead times on our remanufactured products have not been seriously effected! How is this possible when the rest of the world is being held in a chokehold by the supply chain?

What makes us different from other furniture manufacturers? To start, we aren’t manufacturers, we are remanufacturers! Remanufacturing office furniture means taking what companies no longer think they have a use for and breathing new life into it. In most cases, furniture doesn’t wear out, it “uglies” out. Those cubicles your office has had since the 80s may not be the trendy sleek modern office space, but that doesn’t mean that furniture deserves to go into the landfill. Office managers often turn to warehousing, selling and throwing away what they think can’t be used. Here at Davies we take those worn-in and non-functional products and bring them back to like-new or even better-than-new condition, with a lifetime warranty.

The 3 questions we get asked all the time are:

Davies not only offers services like sustainable office furniture solutions, reconfigurations, and project management, and design, but we also have a massive network of manufacturers to provide you with more options and better pricing. We will coordinate all shipments, keep clear and regular communication, and verify that your project was completed to your utmost satisfaction. We’re with you every step of the way to maneuver all the current supply chain issues together.


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