How to “Bank” Your Furniture

Last modified: 08/11/2020

In light of recent events surrounding COVID-19, a lot of us have found ourselves evaluating what we can do to decrease our monthly expenses.  Quite often we find ourselves subscribed to a membership that’s gone unused for months and months (and not always just because of the pandemic). Those small recurring costs add up, and cutting ties may just be the relief your bank account needs.

What businesses don’t realize is that they can experience a similar situation with their furniture accumulating storage fees. Now is the time to separate yourself from the companies you’ve been paying for months or even years to store the furniture you’d potentially redeploy.

Davies Office offers a solution!

Many of our customers have decided to liquidate their warehouses and take advantage of our “sustainable banking program” instead. With this program, customers receive a list value for “bank-able” items, which they can utilize at a later time. When a customer then chooses to purchase furniture, we are able to give them a greater discount for any assortment of remanufactured items for equal list value. Basing off of OEM list pricing allows customers to either stick with the same line of furniture, or update to a different furniture system and/or layout that suits them better. Not only are businesses receiving exactly the furniture that they require for each project, they are receiving it in like-new condition.

Open Office Workstations

One of our customers, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) found great success with Davies banking program, “Excess furniture that cannot be re-used is no longer sent to a warehouse or dumped in a landfill. It is returned to Davies where it is completely remanufactured to meet CSC’s current workstation standards and refreshed with all new fabric, paint and laminate before being sent back out to CSC facilities across the country. The benefits have been considerable, saving in the region of $4 million a year in warehousing costs alone and conserving more than a million pounds of raw materials, but it also helps CSC stay true to its sustainability commitments.”

Talk about a win-win!

Let’s take a moment to reflect on your business. What do your storage fees currently look like? Could your facilities use a refresh, possibly to adhere to current social distancing requirements? Give us a call and we would love to discuss how our banking program can work for you!

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How to “Bank” Your Furniture


In light of recent events surrounding COVID-19, a lot of us have found ourselves evaluating what we can do to

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