Global Remanufacturing Day is April 12, 2018

News | April 9, 2018 | Davies Office Team


Davies Office is celebrating Remanufacturing Day with local event

What is Global Remanufacturing (Reman) Day: #RemanDay2018 is an opportunity to celebrate the economic and environmental benefits of remanufacturing, create a public awareness for remanufacturing and advance the remanufacturing industry through hosted events and workforce development initiatives.

Davies Office is excited to be hosting an event for Global Remanufacturing Day on April 12, 2018 at their plant in Albany, NY.

Davies Office Global Remanufacturing Day Event Agenda:

  • 10am:          Tour of 300,000 square foot Remanufacturing Facility
  • 11am:           Presentation on the Economic and Environmental Benefits of Remanufacturing by LEED AP
  • 12pm:          Lunch and Q/A

Should you like to attend the event call Davies Office and let them know number attending: 518-449-2040

For more information on #RemanDay2018 see this infographic: remanday2018

About Remanufacturing – Remanufacturing is a comprehensive and rigorous industrial process by which outdated products or parts are returned to a “like-new” or “better-than-new” condition, from both a quality and performance perspective.

Remanufacturing has significant environmental benefits including: landfill avoidance, CO2 reduction, energy savings and preserving natural resources.

Remanufacturing plays an important role in supporting the economy. In addition to remanufacturing products costing significantly less than buying new, remanufacturing creates new jobs and provides financial stability.

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