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Desks & Tables to Get the Job Done

A desk is where you get things done. And while types and styles have certainly changed over the years, the use has remained relatively the same. Desks directly impact an employee’s performance, and the effects can swing from positive to negative depending upon the design of the desk. While organizational features are important, there are other factor that determine how your employees will respond to a desk. The verdict is in: desks can make or break an office space’s functionality and appeal.

Davies Office offers select solutions for refurbished desks and tables that will allow any company to outfit their office space at a fraction of the cost. With our massive manufacturing facility, we have the ability to remanufacture office furniture, and equip them with retrofits and technological upgrades that can work for your business.

Premium Computer Desks

Ideal for individual work, computers have become a necessity for the success of a business of any type or size. Davies Office has the capabilities to create and remanufacture the latest desks with cord management options, as well as the ability to incorporate work surface enhancements to improve the workflow of any workspace.

High-Quality Bench Desks

These versatile desks consist of long tables that have multiple individual workstations along each side, enabling fast communication, and encouraging teamwork. Bench desks are an excellent option for any business looking to pursue an open office layout, and can save an impressive amount of space.

davies refurbished standing desk

The Rise of the Standing Desk

Sit stand desks are increasing in popularity, and with good reason. They’ve been linked to improved employee productivity, creativity, and wellness, making them an easy and cost-effective solution for employers. Generally speaking, sitting for extended periods of time is thought to correlate with negative health effects. Not only do sit stand desks negate these effects, but they can also improve blood flow, mental clarity, and work output. Davies Office offers a wide selection of sit stand desking systems, and can accommodate any office space plan for your office.

Remanufactured Office Tables for Businesses

Many satisfied clients have turned to Davies Office for our expertise in office furniture and design. Our tables can be useful for a variety of business needs, form small collaborations to large business meetings. With a vast inventory to select from, Davies Office carries many different styles, shapes, and material options, including:

  • Round office tables
  • Square office tables
  • Oblong office tables
  • Conference room tables
  • Wooden tables
  • Glass tables
  • Metal tables
  • Executive office tables
  • And much more

Our processes and capabilities allow for the modification of any product, with furnishing and finishing services. Enhance the look of your office furniture with our exquisite selection of wood finishes, and trust that our team of expert crafters will deliver a product that you’ll love.

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