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Last modified: 09/16/2022

In a time of reimagined work environments and evolving employee needs, business leaders have a lot to think about. As your company changes, it’s vital to have a workspace conducive to your growing needs. But that doesn’t mean starting from scratch. By reconfiguring your office space with both new and old components, you can better support your employees and clients in the most affordable way possible. That’s where we come in. Davies can work with you through every step of the reconfiguration process, helping you repurpose your old furniture and blend in new components that improve your workflow and modernize why you should reconfigure your workspace.

Reconfiguring your workspace allows you to elevate your business from the inside out, maximizing on the aspects that are working and improving the ones that aren’t. This approach not only offers a more affordable alternative to a total revamp, but an environmentally friendly one too. By revitalizing your space, you can take advantage of your existing office footprint to create better work and traffic flow. Sustainable and people-oriented workspaces can similarly attract younger generations and fresh perspectives to the workforce, further boosting your business’s ability to grow with diverse employees.

Improving office dynamics can also help enhance employee productivity, collaboration, and overall happiness, increasing both client and employee retention. A refreshed space that addresses your teams’ needs will help you build a culture that thrives on each individual team member, while allowing you to do it in a way that is smart financially for your business.

Revisualization: Evaluation And Inventory

When you decide to decommission and reconfigure your space, it is important to think about how to maximize both your existing and new furniture. When choosing to work with Davies, all of our remanufactured products have the potential to be reconfigured and recycled down the line as your company continues to evolve. Davies focuses on blending your existing furniture with new technology and remanufactured products to both minimize your carbon footprint and your overall costs, while helping you capitalize on your new investments. Sustainability and adaptability are what we do; we’ll work with you to determine the best ways to blend new and existing products into your unique workplace to create a better place to work.

Planning And Management: Let Us Do The Work

While creating a space that prioritizes the needs and goals of your company has to be on the top of the to-do list, planning and coordinating the whole thing shouldn’t be. Davies’s expert team of designers understand how to work with your space to offer new and exciting ideas, utilizing 3D designs during space and project planning so you have the most realistic and thorough representation of your future workspace before the project even begins. In preparing the reconfiguration of your ideal layout, you’ll have a wide variety of compatible parts and products to choose from, ensuring you can customize your space to exactly the look and functionality you want.

Creating a sustainable, people-centered work environment allows you to improve your employee productivity and create a culture your team is proud to work for. Contact us to learn more about our services and get started with your reconfiguration today.

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