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Solution for Post-Quarantine Workspaces

Last modified: 08/11/2020

For over 40 years, Davies has been offering solutions to the ever-evolving office space—from bullpen desks, to tall cube farms, to collaborative offices—and we have been there to help all of our clients transition. Today, we are up against unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19. We quickly realized that lower-height collaborative offices have become a thing of the past and in efforts to help everyone during this pandemic, we have come up with custom solutions to prevent the spread of germs and further protect our clients.

Fabric panels above the worksurface are no longer recommended, as they trap germs and they are impossible to clean with today’s disinfectants. Instead, we suggest resurfacing panels with metal or laminate, or installing glass add-ups above the panel. Davies Office has been demonstrating an expertise in retrofitting glass to the modern office for more than 12 years. Davies even won an award at NeoCon based on our unique ability to work with glass in 2008.

NeoCon Award 2008

At this time, we recommend tempered glass as really the only solution to retrofit above the panels. Below is a list of reasons we encourage the use of glass over other materials that prove not to be as beneficial.

• A non-porous material that makes disinfecting easy so your workplace stays safer
• Naturally chemical resistant; stands up to even harsh cleansers
• Cleans with bleach, hospital-grade or standard cleansers
• Preferred by hospitals; meets 10:1 water-to-bleach cleansing standard
• Withstands even the most rigorous daily cleansing routines
• Has 3X less bacteria than translucent polymers after cleaning
• Premium grade; can last your office a lifetime
• Clear glass does not impact daylight or obstruct views

Rendering of ConEd Typical

Davies Office is in the business of change and we thrive on new challenges like this. We have gone from refurbisher to remanufacturer to retrofitter, what’s next?! Please reach out to our experts at Davies today to brainstorm solutions that promote a healthy and safe workspace.

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