Storage Costs Piling Up?

Last modified: 11/04/2022

At Davies Office we offer The Sustainable Exchange Program to help reduce the price of redesigning a workspace by earning real value and credit for your existing assets.  These value-for-value propositions ensure that “old” unused furniture isn’t scrapped, downcycled, or sent to a landfill but is given a new lease on life while allowing you to capture maximum ROI on the furniture you already have instead of accumulating storage fees or worse, contributing to the landfill.

How does the Sustainable Exchange Program work?

You give Davies Office a call at 518.449.2040 or contact us through our website and tell us that you’d like to revamp your office!

We’ll schedule a design consultation with one of our expert interior designers to learn more about your current office, what kind of furniture you currently have, what spaces need to be redone, and your overall needs and wants for your future office. To learn more about our design process click here.

From there you’ll receive a list value for your “bank-able” items (based on the price of that product from the original manufacturer), which you can utilize for your new project (whether it’s next week or next year, your credit never expires so there’s no pressure). So what exactly is “bank-able”? With very few exceptions, pretty much all of the furniture that you are no longer using or would like to “upgrade” (remanufacture) into your new office design is “bank-able”.

Once a new office design has been hashed out, you will have the option to view a mockup at our office in Albany, NY (and get an awesome tour of our factory!) because we wholeheartedly believe in going above and beyond for our clients. We want you to be able to “test drive” your furniture because your satisfaction is our top priority.

Our Sustainable Exchange Program is a win-win for your business and ESG goals. Because we are taking your existing product and not buying new, we are able to pass that savings onto you and give a greater discount on the remanufactured items going back into your office space for equal list value. Giving you fully custom office designs from industry experts in like-new condition. And most importantly, by choosing to work with Davies, you are helping to keep thousands of pounds of furniture out of the landfill. We pride ourselves on being the sustainable solution provider, so give us a call at 518.449.2040 and let us help find the sustainable solution for your dream office.

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