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Top 10 Things We Missed From The Office While Working from Home

Last modified: 01/14/2021

During the peak of the pandemic, many of us were working from home full time and it was easy to look back on little things about the office we took for granted. Now that we are starting to return to the office, and we have access to some of these things again, let’s all take a moment and realize what we missed about the office every day and are happy to have back. We took a poll amongst the designers at Davies Office to see what our top 10 were.

1. I miss the routine of the structured work day.
2. I miss the face-to-face adult interaction with my work family. Some of us are stuck at home with only pets or children to talk to!
3. I miss verbally collaborating and solving problems as a group or with our production team.
4. I miss conversing with people at the communal candy bowl and exchanging funny stories.
5. I miss the easy access to all of our resources in our design library.
6. I miss being able to lay out big drawings on my desk. There is definitely a lack of space at my kitchen table.
7. I miss my ergonomic furniture – especially my task chair and height adjustable desk.
8. I miss the printers and large plotters.
9. I miss larger monitor screens/ dual screens.
10. I miss the close proximity of Dunkin Donuts.

For the duration of working from home, we reflected on what is important and now that life is slowly returning to normal, we have a better appreciation for all things, large or small.

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